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Born in Lucerne, Switzerland, Villi Hermann is a producer, director and writer. He first studied at the London Film School before working for Swiss television. He started his career as a director with documentaries and then switched to fiction. He founded his production company Imago Film in Lugano in 1980. His work is based on his experience, often mixing genres, both documentary and fiction.

Why do I film?
« Filming is for me a way of discovering fragments of life, of life in Switzerland where everything is hushed, muffled, veiled. I only film what touches me at a given moment and I intend to do it honestly, and here my Calvinist education comes before my Mediterranean exuberance: I don't want to sell junk, coloured smoke. And then there is the pleasure, the pleasure of filming, of editing a film, of making images that escape me in reality, of mixing fiction and documentary, of trying everything to tell something. When I film, I feel alive. »
« Pourquoi filmez-vous? », Libération, Paris, may 1987

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