Conquistadors Of Cuba

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Visions du Réel Nyon 2005
Tampere 2005

Conquistadors Of Cuba
FI/CH 2005 91'

Director: Arto Halonen
Script: Arto Halonen
Camera: Jari Pollari
Sound: Heikki Innanen
Editing:: Jukka Nykänen, Timo Peltola, Arto Halonen
Music:: Tuomas Kantelinen
Production:: Arto Halonen, Dschoint Ventschr

Arto Halonen 2005 91'

Nearly blind Maximiliano, 62, has been given an important task. He has been asked to fix Che Guevara's old car in Havana. Maximiliano's passion are the old American cars and the car, which he owns has the engine of the car of Fulgencio Batista, the former dictator of Cuba. Maximiliano's friend, Mario Borges, owns an old American car that used to belong to mobster Meyer Lansky whose fate interlaced closely with Batista and Che Guevara. A film about three historical cars and their current owners. It is also a touching story of a man with two faces, the very image of the soul of Cuba and a film about the beauty and greatness of ordinary people under the pressure of changing regimes.