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Church of Money

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Church of Money

CH 2018 57'

Director: Heinz Gubler
Camera: Heinz Gubler, Anna Poetter
Sound: Urs Hirscher, Ramon Orza
Editing:: Heinz Gubler
Production:: Gubcompany
With: Anna Poetter

Heinz Gubler 2018 57'

The Artist Anna Poetter, who calls herself Antje Steward once in the movie, sets off on her pilgrimage „on the trace of money“ in 2014. In a handcart she carries all kinds of useful for the journey: a tent, technical applications, clothes and food. With a pilgrimage coat, a wig, hat and a kind of Safari suit she transforms into a art figure, which gains access to any kind of people and tempts them to talk about the meaning of money. She travels without any money respectively only with token money to give away.

We follow her on her journey to the top floor of the money factory, the stock market, the European central bank but also to the contemporary thinkers, who contemplate the connection of money and religion: the church of money. We are also present when the artist realizes her life art projects with bees, sheep, cows, trees and grain fields. To accompany those images there are excerpts of her blog, where she reflects upon those encounters. Result thereof is a kaleidoscopic image, which contains various contemplations and recognitions about the absurdity of our unshakable belief in the worldly omnipotence of money.