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Sarah von Niederhäusern, Thomas Rickenmann 2015 90'

Guatemala City, 21 December 2012. The Mayans are celebrating like they haven't done for a long time.
After 5200 years, their legendary Mayan calendar returns to its starting point today. In a remote village, we participate in magical rites to mark the beginning of a new era - and we wonder about our future and that of our children.
The three Chiquitos Jenni, Amil and Rebecca take us into their world, where little things make sense, and where some things move a little slower. We share their joy of life and their difficulties in daily life, at school, at the market, at festivals and at work: from birth to their 15th birthday, when the young people of Guatemala become adults, through childhood. Chiquitos speaks on behalf of people from all cultures who, to this day, find meaning in their lives beyond progress and prosperity.