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Box Productions

ISAN: 0000-0002-D44E-0000-X-0000-0000-C


CH 2011 11'

Director: Adrienne Bovet
Script: Adrienne Bovet
Camera: Gregory Bindschedler
Sound: Eric Ghersinu, Alexander Miesch, Denis Séchaud
Art direction:: Alice Rey
Costumes:: Maria Muscalu
Editing:: Jean Reusser
Music:: Fabio Poujouly
Production:: Box Productions

Adrienne Bovet 2011 11'

Carnival in a small town: Margaux, Louisa and Théo are getting ready for a night out. They put on their costumes, drink too much. Each one of them apprehends this evening in a different way. Margaux hopes to meet the boy who will give her her first real kiss. Louisa expects nothing, except a drop of entertainment to pull her out of her boredom. Théo, little brother and friend, wants to get drunk, to waltz, to let go. A night like so many others… But on the next morning, their lives will have changed forever.