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ISAN: 0000-0000-23AD-0000-N-0000-0000-5

Daniel Schmid 1999 108'

This black comedy tells the story of the lovely Irina, a Russian call girl who ends up in a fairy tale land in the Alps, and falls completely under its spell. She increasingly has dealings with a clientele from the worlds of business, politics, the military and the media, trusting her affairs to a shyster lawyer and his woman friend. In faraway Russia a family clan keenly follows her social climb. Pressed into service as an informer Irina finds herself completely lost in what for her remains an impenetrable labyrinth of interest groups. Finding herself blackmailed she is left with no choice but to spy on her clients, uncovering a number of unsavoury anecdotes. Threatened with expulsion and acting on a misunderstanding and totally unaware of the consequences of what she is about to undertake, Irina sets in motion a plan for the overthrow of the government, a plan concocted many years earlier by an obscure political organisation: the Beresina alarm. The fate of the heroine, and indeed of the whole country, begins to take an unexpected turn.