Baghdad In My Shadow

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ISAN: 0000-0004-728E-0000-A-0000-0000-7

Schweizer Filmpreis 2020 Best Film editing
Palm Spring 2020
Tallin PÖFF 2019
Hof 2019
Locarno 2019

Baghdad In My Shadow
CH/DE/UK 2019 108'

Director: Samir
Script: Samir, Furat al Jamil
Camera: The Chau Ngo
Sound: Florian Eidenbenz
Costumes:: Ulrike Scharfschwerdt
Editing:: Jann Anderegg
Music:: Walter Mair
Production:: Joel Jent, Herbert Schering, Christine Anderson, Christine Kiauk, Dschoint Ventschr, Coin Film, Ipso Facto Productions
With: Haytham Abdulrazaq, Zahraa Ghandour, Shervin Alenabi

Samir 2019 108'

London, shortly before Christmas: The strong-willed architect AMAL is on the run from her ex-husband and works at the Abu Nawas café. The café belongs to a Kurdish activist and is a popular meeting place for Iraqi exiles.
Her friends, the poet TAUFIQ and the IT specialist MUHANAD, come by almost every day. Taufiq has been looking after his nephew NASSEER since his brother's death, but has to watch powerlessly as he increasingly changes under the influence of the radical Islamist preacher YASSIN and begins to rebel against him as an atheist.
Muhanad, on the other hand, left Baghdad only recently to escape the threat that awaits homosexuals there. But even here and in front of his friends, he does not dare to openly admit to his English lover.
The small community is put in danger when Amal's ex-husband turns up in London and at the same time seduces Sheikh Yassin Taufiq's nephew Nasseer to take action against the "godless" in Abu Nawas Café.