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View now over 250 swiss films on our Video portal in streaming for 12 CHF per month or 80 CHF per year with the artfilm.pass. No installation necessary. The films are played directly in your browser: Safari, Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, iPad, iPhone.
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VOD offer with the support of SSA and of SWISSPERFORM

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Collection Markus Imhoof

Markus Imhoof was born on the 19.09.1941 in Winterthur, Switzerland. History of the Arts and History in Zurich, lic. phil. I. Assistant for Leopold Lindtberg in the Playhouse Zurich. Filmschool at The School for Arts and Crafts Zurich with Kurt Früh. 1970 Foundation of the Nemo Film GmbH together with Fredi M. Murer, Yves Yersin, Kurt Gloor, Alexander J. Seiler, Claude Champion, Georg Radanowicz. 1977 Foundation of the Limbo Film AG together with his school friend George Reinhard. Lives in Berlin, Milano and Switzerland.
The only thing that remains at the end are memories based on love.

The documentary film deals with the problems of the Swiss penal system. It uses an individual case to illustrate the mechanisms to which a prisoner is subjected in the prison. In addition, the film shows the past life of the prisoner, his previous crimes and relapses, as well as his constant conflicts with the social environment. The 40-minute film is a collage of image sequences, photos, interview statements, quotations and sound elements.

The film was first shown at the Solothurn Film Festival in 1970, at a time when the staff of the army organization discussed about abolishing the cavalry. The outraged cavalry associations caused a performance ban of the film after the premiere. For public performances a censored version was produced.

ESCAPE RISK shows the story of the 23-year old Bruno Kuhn who comes to prison because of a dumb crime that he stumbles into. ESCAPE RISK was filmed to be a hyper-realistic film in seemingly unedited shots in documentary style. It is based on exact studies of the prison environment.

Markus Imhoof is an incredibly careful and accurate director. At first glance this proves to be the case with the actors, who without exception are very carefully led. Impressive is the dramatic elegance Markus Imhoof has given his difficult material. Without ever having to take off in a tear-jerker manner, the story is filled with tension from the first shots on.

A super film – However: I wanted to turn it off, because I suffered so much (watching) the drama about those three (people) high up there on the weather station. What nature’s forces did not destroy got destroyed by human passions. The deepest abysses of the soul are described very believably, also because of the good actors.

My mother was born in India on a station of the Basel Mission. She was seven when she came back and had very accurate memories. She discovered and got to know the world in India. Of course there were other stories than those told in the film, it was also another India.... I often asked: Why was the grandfather in India? The mother always said: "He wanted to take away people's fear". Markus Imhoof.

"My grandfather's apiary was a magical place for us children. Fascinating, but also scary, when we dared to get closer barefoot to the excited humming in the summer heat. And in the middle of it the old man with the straw hat, without protection. The bees did nothing to him, as if they knew him." Markus Imhoof

"In essence it is about the conflict between "me" and "us", about the contrast or the interaction of the many individuals to a whole. It is about a hope for a balance, for a coexistence between North and South as an organism that is no longer permanently exploited and thus destroys itself. All others also say "I" to themselves. That can lead to war or be the beginning of a love story." Markus Imhoof

Markus Imhoof - Erinnerungen, die auf Liebe aufbauen



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