Anders als die Väter

Pass:Anders als die Väter (CH)
Pass:Anders als die Väter (F)
720p,540p Schweizerdeutsch,Français ST Français

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ISAN: 0000-0004-4356-0000-5-0000-0000-M

Anders als die Väter

CH 2017 87'

Director: Hugo Sigrist, Markus Baumann
Script: Markus Baumann, Hugo Sigrist
Camera: Markus Baumann
Sound: Nils Hänni
Editing:: Nils Hänni, Hugo Sigrist
Production:: Büro für visuelle Medien, Hugo Sigrist, Markus Baumann

Hugo Sigrist, Markus Baumann 2017 87'

The cliche picture of the Swiss countryside with its picturesque mountains filled with goats, sheep and cows receives an eye catching twist, when water buffalos, bisons and llamas are seen grazing in the Alps and marshlands. The film looks at four farming families who break the old traditions by importing these unusual animals and producing new exotic wares like mozarella, Alpaka wool and buffalo burgers.