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Amore carne

Vision du Réel 2012 - Prix du Jury

Amore carne

I/CH 2011 75'

Director: Pippo Delbono
Script: Pippo Delbono
Camera: Pippo Delbono
Sound: Pippo Delbono, Fabrice Aragno, Etienne Curchod
Editing: Fabrice Aragno
Music: Alexander Balanescu, Les Anarchistes, Michael Galasso
Production: Compagnia Pippo Delbono, Cinémathèque Suisse, Casa Azul Films



ISAN: 0000-0003-184C-0000-V-0000-0000-I

In the course of his travels Pippo Delbono captures exceptional moments with his camera. They are encounters with more or less well-known people who narrate (or dance) their vision of the universe. Sometimes he films with a hidden camera. Sometimes he films the moments before a catastrophe, like the earthquake in L'Aquila. Or those thereafter, like in Birkenau. Every one of Pippo Delbono's encounters (with his mother, his friends and with strangers) shows its own portrait of the world. The camera tells us about love, about poetry. And it tells about physical desire – with the entire spectrum of passion, shadow, pain, tragedy and humour that goes with it.