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Alzire oder der neue Kontinent

A troupe of young theatre performers is divided in its desires: there are the devotees of classical theatre, the back-to-the-landers, the advocates of free love and the proponents of performing political theatre with indios. And all of this is observed and commented on by two eccentric tramps, Rousseau and Voltaire, dead for 200 years and yet still very much alive.

"A group of Swiss actors attempt to stage a play about the conquistadors, but instead of Voltaire's characters' dealings with the Swiss Arts Board and general personality problems soon take centre stage. An often funny and occasionally biting comment on the state of the arts in a Switzerland which is cash-rich but starved of cultural funding, Koerfer's film is uncompromisingly independent, with some fine and heart-felt performances to boot - no doubt catalysed by the actor's sympathy with the situation portrayed. British audiences may empathize too, given the state of the arts in the UK."
Channel 4