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ISAN: 0000-0004-9269-0000-P-0000-0000-0

CH 2016 105'

Director: Thomas Rickenmann
Script: Thomas Rickenmann
Camera: Thomas Rickenmann
Sound: Thomas Rickenmann
Editing:: Thomas Rickenmann
Production:: ExtraMile Films GmbH, Thomas Rickenmann

Thomas Rickenmann 2016 105'

After z'Alp, Thomas Rickenmann returns to the three families he portrayed three years ago during the Alpaufzug.

In the second part we stay up in the Alpstein, the Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland for the whole summer. We experience the mountain farmers' alpine time with or without mobile phones beyond the forest line, where it is not minutes that count, but the interaction with nature. "Alpzyt" may seem like "wellness for the mind". But when is the time to return home? How long will the grass last on the pastures, and how early is the threat of winter? For our three families, survival depends on alpine farming, and the barrenness and harshness in the inhospitability up there lends beauty and dignity to the alpine season.