Albert Hofmann - Perceptions

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ISAN: 0000-0002-8FBD-0000-M-0000-0000-8

Albert Hofmann - Perceptions (Albert Hofmann - Wahrnehmungen)

CH 2010 52'

Director: Sabine Bally
Camera: Sanford McCoy
Sound: Simon Graf, Thomas Prulière, Maxime Champesme
Editing:: Flore Guillet
Production:: Twosa Films

Sabine Bally 2010 52'

ALBERT HOFMANN - PERCEPTIONS is a portrait of Dr. Hofmann, a man otherwise known as the father of LSD. The impact LSD has had on culture at large is hard to estimate, but for Dr. Hofmann, it's potential was always clear.

Using conferences Hofmann gave and archives from Swiss and American television, the film delves into the story of this adventure to the present, where LSD is being used in a therapeutic context in a pilot study in Switzerland.

The choices that led Dr. Hofmann to the world of chemistry and the discover of LSD stem already from a special relationship he had since a young age with nature. With a certain sense of mysticism, reinforced by his discovery of LSD, the focus of his adult life became crystallized.

The film picks up on the relation between the chemist and his drug, the positions he took during his lifetime and the traces he left behind.