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Alain comme les autres

Alain comme les autres
(Alan, just one of them)

CH 1997 82'

Director: Denise Gilliand
Script: Denise Gilliand
Camera: Patrice Cologne
Sound: Laurent Barbey
Editing: Denise Gilliand, Nag Ansorge
Music: Olivier Moret
Production: Nag Ansorge

Emmaüs Suisse


Alan is homeless. One winter morning, tired of wandering, tired of the streets, he knocks on the door of one of the Swiss Communities of the Rag-pickers of Emmaüs where he is immediately offered a bed and a job. Alan becomes a rag-picker, just like his companions, but becoming integrated within the community is not very easy. Morally exhausted by years of extreme difficulty, Alan has become suspicious. He must learn once more how to communicate, how to share, how to trust... It is only after spending several months in community living, allowing the passage of time to do its work and meeting Father Pierre (Abbé Pierre), that Alan manages to recover sufficient courage and self-dignity to seek contact with his daughter, Lea, whom he hasn't seen since he look to streets. The fictional trajectory experienced by Alan is the subtle link used to discover how the Emmaüs Communities function and meet the "rag-pickers".