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Agata e la tempesta


In this film, award winning director Silvio Soldini brings us a comedy full of whimsy and eccentricity about a group of people whose fates intertwine unexpectedly. Agata is an effervescent woman who runs a bookstore in Genoa. Her charisma is such that she blows out light bulbs spontaneously, and makes Nicola, 13 years her junior and married, fall in love with her. Her brother Gustavo is a more sober type, convinced he will inherit the family business. He is in for a huge shock. For he is the half brother of travelling salesman Romeo, who finds out that his mother had a son out of wedlock whom she gave up: Gustavo. Led by the magnetic Licia Maglietta as Agata, a chorus of colourful supporting characters take part in this unpredictable life song about love and other ironies.