7000 bornes, une frontière

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ISAN: 0000-0003-4AC3-0000-E-0000-0000-W

7000 bornes, une frontière
CH 2012 52'

Director: Alex Mayenfisch
Script: Alex Mayenfisch
Camera: Bastien Genoux, Alex Mayenfisch
Sound: Jérôme Cuendet
Editing:: Alex Mayenfisch, Daniel Wyss
Music:: Nikita Pfister
Production:: Alex Mayenfisch, Climage

Alex Mayenfisch 2012 52'

Switzerland may be small, but the border is long and ubiquitously intertwined with the neighbouring countries. A world in an intermediate zone, a marking of a space, but also in history and in time. The border separates, the border unites.