Du contrat social

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ISAN: 0000-0003-5BD9-0000-D-0000-0000-Z

Festival del Film Locarno 2012
Prix du cinéma suisse 2013: Nomination meilleur court métrage

Du contrat social
CH 2012 7'

Regie: Frédéric Mermoud
Drehbuch: Frédéric Mermoud
Kamera: Nicolas Veuthey
Ton: Masaki Hatsui, Denis Séchaud
Schnitt: Sarah Anderson
Musik: Grégoire Hetzel
Produktion: Rita Productions, Max Karli, Pauline Gygax
Mit: Timothy Achard, Appoline Achard, Luna Arzoni, Tristan Mermoud, Sarah Oberson

Frédéric Mermoud 2012 7'

Pierre is a lonely-looking little boy whose rabbit is his only source of comfort. In the school playground, where he is the target of jokes and abuse from his classmates who refuse to let him into their games, the young lad tries to find a way to gain their acceptance. The option he chooses is radical, to say the least