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Doddle - AMOUR (LOVE)



Beautifully and bravely acted by long-time French movie stars Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva, now ages 82 and 85, respectively, there is a sober meta thread running throughout. Moving images are perhaps the greatest record-keeper of all, far more accurate than stills. They can unerringly reveal the actor's growth — both in talent (hopefully), and in age (plastic surgery aside, undeniably). If old age can happen to those beautiful people up on the screen, then unforeseen events notwithstanding, it will most definitely happen to us.
As we watch, we wish we could hurry the piece along, hoping to get this old-age horror show over and done with. We care about these characters, yes, but we also squirm with discomfort. And that may be the exact point that Haneke intended. AMOUR