Dj Mafio. Positive Vibes

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ISAN: 0000-0005-BCB5-0000-3-0000-0000-S

Dj Mafio. Positive Vibes
CH 2008 19'

Regie: Villi Hermann
Drehbuch: Eve Martin, Alberto Nessi, Villi Hermann
Kamera: Villi Hermann
Schnitt: Villi Hermann
Musik: Zeno Gabaglio
Produktion: Villi Hermann, Imago Film SA

Villi Hermann 2008 19'

In southern China, less than an hour from Hong Kong, lies Shenzhen.
A megalopolis without history or identity, Shenzhen lives in the dream of a China of the future.
A future without Western parameters, a path to true capitalism, a predatory capitalism.
It is here that the young Ticino Mafio has brought something that did not exist before to an active and hard-working youth, almost all of them under 30: reggae music.