Die vierte Gewalt

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ISAN: 0000-0004-4D61-0000-K-0000-0000-E

Festival del film Locarno 2018
Solothurn 2018

Die vierte Gewalt
CH 2018 98'

Regie: Dieter Fahrer
Drehbuch: Dieter Fahrer
Kamera: Christoph Walther
Ton: Balthasar Jucker, Peter Von Siebenthal
Schnitt: Katharina Bhend
Produktion: Balzli & Fahrer

Dieter Fahrer 2018 98'

The internet has changed everything, also for journalism: business models are falling by the wayside, news is available for free, anywhere and at any time. I accompany journalists in their daily lives, see how they struggle, and I do what they also do: I observe and ask, also question myself, my fascination and my suspicion. I, too, use the net with ease. I am a user – and I am used.