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Die Reise

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Die Reise (Interview)
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Blog von Markus Imhoof zu „40 Jahre Mai 68“

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Markus Imhoof 1986 106'

The movie is based on the autobiographical novel DIE REISE (THE JOURNEY) of Bernward Vesper. He is the son of a famous nazi-poet and life's companion of the female terrorist Gudrun Ensslin. The novel has been called «inheritance of a whole generation», because the destiny it describes stands as an enlarged and therefore recognizable example for those influences imprinting the whole generation of the sixties: Those born during the war learn how to think during the new beginning. However, instead of being able to orient themselves in relation to a fatherly ideal they see themselves confronted with their fathers' guilt.This situation leads to angry, moral demands of the children. After the hot years of student revolts it culminates in either resignation or in the blind hatred of terrorism. The film tells two childhood stories: The first one builds the framework. It narrates how a young father with his five-year old son escapes terrorism. The second story describes the development of this father, who – out of opposition to his nazi-father - gets involved with terrorism.

In addition to intelligence and clarity, the film is blessed with excellent lensing and skillful storytelling that makes it absorbing up to the end. Even without a hard hitting conclusion to consolidate its points, THE JOURNEY remains a film of great interest, and one of the most serious attempts to deal in depth with the theme of terrorism. It will have an art house an festival play far beyound the Swiss mountains.