Die Libelle und das Nashorn

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Lola Randl 2013 81'

ADA HÄNSELMANN (Fritzi Haberlandt) and the legendary actor NINO WINTER (Mario Adorf) meet at a reading. Ada (32) presents her novel debut, but the numerous guests are only interested in Nino (82) and his autobiography "I came, saw and loved". Ada is a bit annoyed by the star, even more so when she is supposed to drop Nino off at the airport on her way back to the hotel. But his flight is cancelled and they meet again at the hotel. There, Ada receives bad news: her boyfriend, who was supposed to pick her up, breaks up with her on the phone. In the evening at the hotel bar, Ada is captivated by Nino's personality and charm, and he is fascinated by the young woman's directness. Ada involves Nino in a game, asking him to play detective and shadow her: "Mr. Kimberly, I have an assignment for you that you can't refuse." Actually, Nino would rather play the gangster, but then on their tour through the city they discover a man whom they declare in their imagination to be a contract killer and follow him with almost childish playfulness.
Back at the hotel, the anonymity and luxury of the hotel become the playground for their ideas. At first, young Ada is the driving force. She proposes five questions to each of them, which the other must answer honestly. Nino is sceptical, but then he lets himself be infected by Ada's energy. There are hundreds of questions, small and big, casual and existential, about life, love, fame, transience: what would Nino look like as a woman, what was nature thinking when it created the family, what does love sound like, what does death mean? The closer the two get, the more open their questions become and the more honest their answers. Nino senses that there won't be many more of these nights in his life and even though young Ada keeps upsetting him, he gets involved in her game. Ada and Nino become allies of the night. They have to jump over their own shadows and a magical closeness develops between the two. It is an encounter that both will never forget. And as they say goodbye the next morning, they find out what secret the mysterious gentleman from their imagination was actually guarding.