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Der Berg

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Der Berg (Interview)
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Markus Imhoof 1990 98'

Since 1886, there has been a weather-station master at the summit of the mountain. He telegraphs his daily measurements into the valley from where they are transmitted to Rome, Paris, Berlin and Vienna. During the long winter he is cut off the rest of the world. In the autumn of 1921, after a tragic accident, the lonely station shall be occupied by a married couple for the first time. The unemployed Josef Manser marries over night the pregnant Lena and therefore gets the job. Gregor Kreuzpointer, a former imperial and royal officer, who has experienced the war front in the Dolomite Mountains, feels he has been cheated by Manser. He decides to prove to the world that the post of stationmaster should by rights have been given to him by being the first to ascend the mountain in winter. He conquers the mountain. Once up there, in the closeness of the ice covered station close to the sky, a life and death struggle begins – Because: All three are stuck at the summit and there is only enough food for two of them.

Director Markus Imhoof covers the beholder in pictures and scenes that make the blood freeze. The ecstasy of the mountains is groping around suggestively, at the very end even taking posession of the ocean. Excellent Susanne Lothals as Lena.
Frankfurter Neue Presse

A super film – However: I wanted to turn it off, because I suffered so much (watching) the drama about those three (people) high up there on the weather station. What nature’s forces did not destroy got destroyed by human passions. The deepest abysses of the soul are described very believably, also because of the good actors.