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Swiss films in your pocket - Artfilm Player für iPad and iPhone now on App Store



Artfilm releases immediately the Artfilm Player App for iPad an iPhone. The app makes it easier to view films on the iPad and allows to donload films on the device to view them later without network. The app is available on the App Store Switzerland and free. You need an artfilm.pass subscription to use it.

Since 2009 Artfilm proposes finest swiss films online. The catalogue is constantly increasing and there are now over 600 films from arthouse directors like Ursula Meier, Petra Volpe, Stina Werenfels, Patricia Plattner, Jacqueline Veuve, Peter Liechti, Daniel Schmid, Fernand Melgar, Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf and others. Flat rate artfilm.pass subscriptions are available for 5 CHF / day, 12 CHF / month or 80 CHF / year. Viewing via streaming on the website is straightforward, but there are moments one would like to view films on the road, in the holidays. The new app makes it possible.