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Swiss Films in Locarno Saturday August 5th



11h00 La Sala Appellations Suisse
LENZ de Thomas Imbach
The filmmaker Lenz has left his native Berlin for the Vosges to research the story behind Georg Büchner's novel fragment Lenz. But he soon trades the Alsatian landscape for higher altitudes and more emotional territory. Against a background of kitsch global tourism, provided by the authentic Zermatt locations, Thomas Imbach portrays an unconventional family and a man struggling between euphoria and desperation.
(Happiness is a Warm Gun, Ghetto, Well Done)

11h00 L'altra Sala Léopards de demain Compétition Suisse 1
VERSET, REFRAIN, VERSET de Bogdan Nunweiller
LA VÉRITÉ VRAIE de Tania Zambrano-Ovalle (Les tartines)
VIRGIN RED de Edouard Getaz
ASCHENBRÜDER de Steve Walker, Markus Heiniger
WANING MOON de Luca Colombo
ÉCLIPSE de Léo Maillard

14h00 Otello Ascona Cinéastes du Présent
FELTRINELLI de Alessandro Rossettto
The story of the Feltrinelli publishing house was marked by the strong personality of its founder, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli. A courageous publisher, he frequently selected works in line with his political convictions. Throughout his life he supported the far left, at the same time trying to popularize literature through his work. In 1972 Feltrinelli was killed when attempting to blow up an electricity pylon. Through the testimony of great writers, loyal supporters of the publishing concern, the director profiles a remarkable figure and reveals the love of words which inspired and inspires the staff at Feltrinelli.

14h00 Forum
Summer School 2005: Le documentaire biographique et autobiographique au féminin. Avec Frédéric Maire, Marco Baggiolini, Raymond Bellour, Alina Marazzi et Jacqueline Veuve.

18h30 La Sala Cinéastes du Présent
NO BODY IS PERFECT de Raphaël Sibilla
This documentary is a journey into the world of extreme and unconventional sexual experimentation, into the world of trans-sexuals, sadomasochism and other forms of sexuality. Without becoming voyeuristic, the film offers an explicit portrait, never sensational for its own sake, of a certain kind of sexuality in the 21st century. The Swiss director Raphaël Sibilla was already at Locarno in 2001 with his film 117 POLICE

21h30 Piazza Grande (deuxième film)
LA LISTE DE CARLA de Marcel Schüpbach
Following the work of Carla del Ponte, prosecutor for former Yugoslavia at the International Criminal Tribunal in the Hague, the Swiss director reflects on the workings of the court in an absorbing documentary that at times is more like a thriller. Penetrating the labyrinth of international justice, it focuses on the dilemma created by the constant need to compromise with the demands of realpolitik.

22h00 Rialto 1 Appellations Suisse
GROUNDING - DIE LETZTEN TAGE DER SWISSAIR de Michael Steiner et Tobias Fueter
The film tells the story of the last days of the doomed national airline Swissair, from the historic grounding of its fleet on October 2, 2001, and how it had come to this.
(Mein Name ist Eugen, Spital in Angst)