Schweizer Filmpreis

Since 1998 the Swiss Film Award has been awarded every year. The national prize honours film-makers for their achievements and promotes the Swiss film industry. Awards go to outstanding films from the following categories: "Best Fiction Film", "Best Documentary", "Best Short Film" and - every two years - "Best Animated Film". The three categories "Best Actress", "Best Actor" and "Best Actor in a supporting role" pay tribute to acting achievements. From 2009 on, there will also be a prize for the "Best Film Music" and now also "Best Photography". The jury that awards the film prizes also awards a Special Jury Prize for special technical or artistic achievements.

L'enfant d'en haut d'Ursula Meier
Best Fiction Film 2013, Best Screenplay 2013, Best Actor 2013

More Than Honey by Markus Imhoof
Best Documentary Film 2013, Best Film Score 2013

Einspruch VI by Rolando Colla
Best Short Film 2013

La nuit de l'ours by Samuel and Frédérique Guillaume
Best Animation Film 2013

Hiver nomade by Manuel von Stürler
Best Cinematography 2013, Special Award of the Academy 2013

Rosie by Marcel Gisler
Best Actress 2013

Opération Libertad by Nicolas Wadimoff
Best Peformance in a Supporting Role 2013

Summer Games by Rolando Colla
Best Fiction Film 2012, Best Script 2012, Best Photography

Vol spécial by Fernand Melgar
Best Documentary 2012

Der Verdingbub by Markus Imboden
Best Actor 2012, Best Actor in a supporting role 2012

Day Is Done by Thomas Imbach
Best Score 2012

La petite chambre by Stéphanie Chuat, Véronique Reymond
Best Fiction Film 2011, Best Script 2011

Cleveland versus Wall Street by Jean-Stéphane Bron
Best Documentary 2011

Coeur Animal by Séverine Cornamusaz
Best Fiction Film 2010

Die Frau mit den 5 Elefanten by Vadim Jendreyko
Best Documentary 2010

Die Standesbeamtin by Micha Lewinsky
Best Actress 2010 Marie Leuenberger

The Sound of Insects by Peter Liechti
Best Music Score 2010 Norbert Möslang

Home by Ursula Meier
Best Fiction Film 2009

No More Smoke Signals by Fanny Bräning
Best Documentary 2009

Un día y nada by Lorenz Merz
Best Short Film 2009

Giù le mani by Danilo Catti
Special Jury Prize 2009

Der Freund by Micha Lewinsky
Best Fiction Film 2008

Heimatklänge by Stefan Schwietert
Best Documentary 2008

Auf der Strecke by Reto Caffi
Best Short Film 2008

Pas douce by Jeanne Waltz
Best Screenplay 2008

Nebenwirkungen by Manuel Siebenmann
Best Actress 2008 Sabine Timoteo

Chicken mexicaine by Armin Biehler
Best Actor 2008 Bruno Cathomas

Breakout by Mike Eschmann
Special Jury Prize 2008 for the film music

Vitus by Fredi M. Murer
Best Fiction Film 2007

Das kurze Leben des José Antonio Gutierrez by Heidi Specogna
Best Documentary 2007

Das Fräulein by Andrea Staka
Best Screenplay 2007

Nachbeben by Stina Werenfels
Special Jury Prize 2007

Mein Name ist Eugen by Michael Steiner
Best Fiction Film 2006

[[Exit. Le droit de mourir by Fernand Melgar
Best Documentary 2006

[[Snow White by Samir
Best Leading Actor 2006 Carlos Leal

[[Fragile by Laurent Nègre
Best Supporting Actress 2006 Marthe Keller

[[Terra incognita by Peter Volkart
Best Shortfilm 2006

[[Klingenhof by Beatrice Michel
Special Jury Prize 2006

[[Tout un hiver sans feu by Greg Zglinski
Best Fiction Film 2005

[[Accordion Tribe by Stefan Schwietert
Best Documentary 2005

[[Strähl by Manuel Flurin Hendry
Best leading actor 2005 Roeland Wiesnekker
Best supporting actress 2005 Johanna Bantzer
Special prize camera 2005 Filip Zumbrunn

[[Mein Name ist Bach by Dominique de Rivaz
Best Fiction Film 2004
Best Supporting Actor 2004 (Gilles Tschudi)

Mais im Bundeshuus by Jean-Stéphane Bron
Best Documentary 2004

L'Escalier by Frédéric Mermoud
Best Shortfilm 2004

On dirait le Sud by Vincent Pluss
Best Fiction Film 2003

Hirtenreise ins dritte Jahrtausend by Erich Langjahr
Best Documentary 2003

Swapped by Pierre Monard
Best Shortfilm 2003

Utopia Blues by Stephan Haupt
Best Fiction Film 2002

Lieber Brad by Lutz Konermann
Best Actresses 2002 Andrea Guyer and Carol Schuler

La jeune fille et les nuages by Georges Schwizgebel
Best Short Film 2002

Azzurro by Denis Rabaglia
Best Fiction Film 2001

Do It by Sabine Gisiger and Marcel Zwingli
Best Documentary 2001

Pane e tulipani by Silvio Soldini
Best Actor 2001 Bruno Ganz

Vaterdiebe by Esen Isik
Best Short Film 2000

Attention aux chiens by François Christophe Marzal
Best Actress 2000: Delphine Lanza

Das Schweigen der Männer by Clemens Klopfenstein
Best Fiction Film 1998 (co)

Waalo Fendo by Mohammed Soudani
Best Fiction Film 1998 (co)

Journal de Rivesaltes 1941-42 by Jacqueline Veuve
Best Documentary 1998