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Peter Liechti - Dedications

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Peter Liechti - Dedications

CH 2016 50'

Drehbuch: Peter Liechti
Adaptation: Jolanda Gsponer, Annette Brütsch
Kamera: Peter Guyer
Schnitt: Annette Brütsch
Produktion: Liechti Filmproduktion GmbH, Jolanda Gsponer

2016 50'

DEDICATIONS, Peter Liechti’s last film, was to be dedicated to art, literature, and — in honor of humanity — to a nameless chief from southern Sudan. Critically ill, the filmmaker radically abridged what was originally planned as a trilogy and modified the focus:

“A filmic essay full of ruptures and gaps — surprising and raw, like life itself. Past and present, memory and illness, blend into a heady stream of images and sounds that are more dream than reality. . . full of unbridled life and the melancholy of oblivion.”
Peter Liechti about DEDICATIONS

In collaboration with some of the filmmaker’s closest colleagues, Liechti’s partner, Jolanda Gsponer, has created a multimedia project in three parts to pass the unfinished DEDICATIONS on to posterity. Peter Liechti’s unvarnished encounter with his own life and death has become a posthumous homage to the artist in the form of an installation, a filmed reading, and a book.