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Jacqueline Veuve at Nyon and ten times at



Jacqueline Veuve is probably one the most important and productive filmmakers in Switzerland. Through her 60 films, she always choosed her topics herselfs, both for her ethnographical films about craftmanships, peasants and militaries, and for her personal films about the actor and friend Delphine Seyrig, the son and painter Laurent Veuve and even about her own heart. The Nyon festival shows some of her films April 25th and 26th (details) and we are happy to propose you ten of her films, here in inverse chronological order: La Nébuleuse du coeur, La Petite dame du capitole, Jour de marché, Le Salaire de l'artiste, Delphine Seyrig, portrait d'une comète, Chronique vigneronne, Journal de Rivesaltes 1941-42, Balade fribourgeoise, L'Homme des casernes and Chronique paysanne en Gruyère.