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CRIPS STRAPPED'N STRONG by Joost Van der Valk and Mags Gavan on DVD

CRIPS Strapped ‘n Strong is a documentary about the violent lives of the Crips, a group of Dutch gangsters, involved in drugs, rip deals and gangsta rap. The filmmakers were given unrestricted access to ‘Gangland Holland' and manage to give an insight, not only into a dark, separate reality but also into the workings of the criminal mind. The gang Crips, Community Revolution In Progress in The Hague, is involved mainly in armed robbery, and drugs trafficking against a background of rap music; 'Rhyme and crime'. The Main Triad Crips have sworn everlasting loyalty to each other and they underline that devotion with tattoos such as 'Crips4Life'. They demarcate their territory with graffiti and dress from top to toe in blue, the colour of the Crips-gangs from Los Angeles. Semaine de la Critique Locarno 2009.