Das Engadiner Wunder

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Das Engadiner Wunder
CH 2001 19'

Regie: Tania Stöcklin, Anka Schmid
Drehbuch: Anka Schmid, Tania Stöcklin
Kamera: Anka Schmid, Tania Stöcklin, René Baumann
Ton: Dieter Meyer
Kostüme: Pascale Wiedemann
Schnitt: Tania Stöcklin
Musik: Chrigel Farner
Produktion: Mano Film
Mit: Ingrid Sattes, Alexander Seibt

Tania Stöcklin, Anka Schmid 2001 19'

In two parallel films two dead people, a man and a woman, recount the last days of their lives. It is far from clear however just how these recordings came to be made on the video cassettes of an amateur botanist, filming flowers on the exact spot where the bodies came tumbling down from a chair lift: two testimonies from "the other side" that are nothing short of miraculous.