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Climage(2-3) - Three films and many short films by Fernand Melgar


Texte presents nine films of the Lausanne's filmmaker group Climage. This group has now been making social, cultural and historical films for about twenty years. Fernand Melgar is well known for his games and knowledge of the filmic expression, but he has his roots also in social committment. In ALBUM DE FAMILLE he draws a bitter portrait of the immigration story of his spanish parents. CLASSE D'ACCEUIL accompagnies young foreigners in a swiss integration school and REMUE MENAGE shows an alternative family living in a conservative village. LE PREMIER JOUR is a collection of short films about important moments in live. Finally, we should not forget the films of Fernand Melgar in HISTOIRE C'EST MOI: A TABLE, A L'ARRIERE and J. Fernand Melgars latest film EXIT won this year the Swiss Film Prize for the best documentary.