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Climage(1-3) - Three films by Stéphane Goël


Campagne perdue (DVD)

Texte presents nine films of the Lausanne's filmmaker group Climage. This group has now been making social, cultural and historical films for about twenty years. We will start today with Stéphane Goël: Campagne perdue describes the experiment of six farmes working together to survive economically. Le poison - Le crime de Maracon tries to understand why, more than fifty years after a murderer, two villages still do not speak together. Sur les traces des pharaons noirs (In the Land of the Black Pharaohs) shows archeologists looking for black pharaohs in the Sudan. At this moment Stéphane Goël is editing his next film about the swiss political activist Maurice Demierre who went to Nicaragua to support revolution and people and who was killed by the Contras.