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ISAN: 0000-0000-5F87-0000-W-0000-0000-F

Festival del Film Locarno 1997
Namur 1997 - Bayard d'or meilleur film, meilleur scénario et prix du public
Nominé au prix du cinéma suisse 1998

CH/Canada 1997 98'

Regie: Denis Chouinard, Nicolas Wadimoff
Drehbuch: Denis Chouinard, Nicolas Wadimoff
Kamera: Sylvain Brault
Ton: Paul Lainé, Viateur Paiement
Schnitt: Christian Marcotte
Musik: Billy Laswell
Produktion: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG
Mit: Ovidiu Blaan, Anton Kouznetsov, Moussa Maaskri, Simon Maicanescu, Hanane Rahman, Christelle Sabas

Denis Chouinard, Nicolas Wadimoff 1997 98'

With the help of a smuggler, a group of illegal immigrants attempt to leave France on a cargo ship headed for Canada. They succeed in sneaking into a container which is deposited at the bottom of the ship's hold.

Two men, two women and two children, strangers to one another at first, are confined to a space of 25 square meters. As the days drag out, tempers flare and provision begin to run out.

Outside the container, the crew is vigilant: no stowaways will be tolerated on board. Suddenly, in the middle of the ocean, engine failure brings the ship to a stop. Inside the container, tension turns to violance.

Without food or water, the stowaways have but one choice: to leave the container, in spite of the crew's watchfulness.