CHoisir à vingt ans

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ISAN: 0000-0004-65FE-0000-L-0000-0000-B

Solothurn 2018
Sao Paolo Mostra 2017
Locarno 2017

CHoisir à vingt ans
CH/DZ 2017 100'

Regie: Villi Hermann
Drehbuch: Villi Hermann, Eve Martin
Kamera: Villi Hermann
Ton: Villi Hermann, Riccardo Studer
Schnitt: Jean Reusser, Emilie Chappatte
Produktion: Imago Film SA, Villi Hermann

Villi Hermann 2017 100'

Between 1954 and 1962, several hundred French people refused to take part in the Algerian war. These rebels, soldiers or conscripts, were non-violent or anti-colonialists. Some of them took refuge in Switzerland, where citizens came to their aid, while in France they were condemned as traitors to their country. The film follows the journey of these insubordinates - prosecuted for refusal to obey and desertion - who chose exile rather than war. Motivated by political, ethical or religious convictions, these young French anti-colonialists were, for the most part, enlisted as part of their civil or military service.

Nils Andersson, Jacques Baynac, Anita and André Bernard, Freddy Buache, Claude Garino, André Gazut, Jean-Claude Girardin, Claude Glayman, Lillis Kielland, Paul Kobisch, Pierre Leray, Diego Masson, Simone and Jean Mohr, Michel Monod, Louis Orhant, Jacques Pous, Pierre Rieben, Jean Rouget, Fritz Weber
Ali Aimouche, Abdellad Berka, Ahmed Berka, Mohamed Berka, Aïcha Belguendouz, Halima Boukhelf, Ali Fritis, Abdelghani Ghounane, Aïcha Semar, Mohamed Semar