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Fredi M. Murer CH 1966 26'

CHICOREE is the first of three artist portraits filmed by Fredi M. Murer between 1966 and 1969.The protagonist is Zurich-based poet Urban Gwerder. Associatively edited, drawing on religiousthemes and distinctly surrealist in tone, Chicory serves up everyday scenes from Gwerder'sfamily life in black-and-white, while his flights into the world of his dreams are in full colour.Gwerder dreams he is Salvador Dalí, the Beatles and Frank Zappa. Walking backwards throughthe Easter peace march bearing a placard with the words “Do you want to be urbanized intooblivion?”, he sneers at conventional forms of social protest. CHICOREE reaches its climax in an“action painting” scene, at the end of which Gwerder jumps through the canvas and lands in themud. Originally, CHICOREE was shown to a live soundtrack of organ and percussion; today, there isa version of the soundtrack with the music of Jelly Pastorini.

“Because our work demanded so much intense concentration, we drank gallons of black coffee. Itwas when I was sipping at yet another cup of the muck, which was extremely bitter and undoubtedlylaced with chicory, that Fredi, my wife and I – almost all at the same time – had the idea ofcalling our film CHICOREE.
Urban Gwerder

“What an exhilarating cinematictreat to kick off the evening: afunny and vibrant film by FrediM. Murer, mockingly precise inits editing, a visual practical jokewith ambiguous pictorial humour,affectionate, playful and yet atthe same time resilient in itsreliance on the resources availableto a film venture foundedprimarily on idealism… The nextencounter, whenever that maybe, with film man Fred Mureris undoubtedly a prospect tosavour.”
Der Bund