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Ché Guevara, donde nunca jamas se lo imaginam

Cuba 2004 55'

Regie: Manuel Perez
Drehbuch: Manuel Perez
Schnitt: Pedro Suarez
Musik: Edesio Alejandro, Ernesto Cisneros


October 9th 1967. La Higuera, Bolivia. Shots ring out and a man dies. A man, but not the ideals and principles he stood for. The execution ensured that Ernesto «Che» Guevara de la Serna became, and remains, one of the most popular icons of socialist revolutionary principles throughout the world.

Using archival film and photo materials, Cuban director Manuel Pérez paints a personal portrait of Che Guevara, from his childhood in Argentina to the motorcycle trip through Latin America that changed his life forever.