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Canzun alpina

Canzun alpina

CH 2008 88'

Regie: Sören Senn
Drehbuch: Felix Benesch, Sören Senn
Kamera: Andreas Höfer
Ton: Laurent Barbey, Peter Bräker
Dekor: Maya Zogg
Kostüme: Dorothee Schmid
Schnitt: Beat Lenherr
Musik: Balz Bachmann
Produktion: Cineworx Filmproduktion
Mit: Ursina Lardi, Beat Marti, Ueli Jäggi, Bruno Cathomas, Peter Jecklin, Daniel Rohr



Anna is a vivacious teacher and Clau a young plumber. Not only do the two sing together in a mixed choir, they are also expecting a baby very soon. The joy of their child's birth is, however, eclipsed by a terrible surprise: Anna's child, Fiona, has dark skin! While everyone sees that Clau cannot possibly be the father, an avalanche of events ensues in this small village in the Grisons.