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Buebe gö z'Tanz

Steve Walker 2012 85'

The Kummerbuben want to be the first rock band ever to perform in the hallowed halls of the main municipal theatre in Bern. In a joint production with the dancers of the “Bern:Ballett” ensemble, choreographed by the two dancers Izumi Shuto and Martina Langmann. Both parties undertake the exploration of new terrain and have set high goals: the band wants to compose completely new arrangements for the dance production, and the two dancers venture to create a 40-minute piece with complex choreographies for groups for the first time. Alongside the rigourous daily routine in the ensemble, the two dancers sacrifice their free time and devote their energy to making the leap from dancer to choreographer and coming closer to their dream. The chaotic world of the musicians' rehearsal room in the cellar collides with the professionalism in the world of ballet.