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Schweizer Filmpreis 2008 - Jury-Preis für die Filmmusik


CH 2007 97'

Regie: Mike Eschmann
Drehbuch: Thomas Hess, David Keller
Kamera: Roland Schmid
Ton: Hugo Poletti
Dekor: Nina Bachmann
Kostüme: Linda Harper
Schnitt: Michael Schaerer
Musik: Moritz Schneider, Stress, Mich Gerber
Produktion: Zodiac Pictures Ltd
Mit: Nils Althaus, Melanie Winiger, Max Rüdlinger, Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart, Roeland Wiesnekker, Max Loong, Stress


A film about kids with little else to offer apart from a well honed body, an overabundance of hormones and a high from their last line. Teenagers Nia and Pulpo hang out at the disco where Nia has sex with a girl he meets there, Foxy. On the way home, Nia and Pulpo are attacked by Spirit, Foxy's ex. Pulpo is badly beaten up but the police intervene, and Nia ends up in a youth detention centre. He makes plans to escape in order to wreck revenge on Spirit, an eye for an eye, and part of his plan includes meeting Nicole, an attractive young lawyer.