Bill - das absolute Augenmass

Semaine de la Critique Locarno 2008

Bill - das absolute Augenmass
CH 2008 90'

Regie: Erich Schmid
Drehbuch: Erich Schmid
Kamera: Ueli Nüesch
Ton: Antoine Boissonnas, Florian Eidenbenz, Dieter Meyer
Schnitt: Antoine Boissonnas
Musik: André Bellmont
Produktion: Ariadnefilm

Erich Schmid 2008 90'

The film about Max Bill (1908-1994) is a highly potent mix of arts, aesthetics and politics. Max Bill was probably the most important Swiss artist of the 20th century. His background was the blue collar town of Winterthur near Zürich. During his lifetime he was a rebel – today he lives ever present on the upper spheres of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His name stands for an avantgarde, which is firmly focussed on the future, which bears a social responsibility and which intrinsically contains an engaged political message. What mattered for Max Bill was the creation of our environment and a green consciousness, which is currently of incredible imminence.