Bad Boy Kummer

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T&C Film

ISAN: 0000-0002-67E7-0000-V-0000-0000-I

Bad Boy Kummer (Bad Boy Kummer)

CH 2010 90'

Regie: Miklos Gimes
Drehbuch: Miklos Gimes
Kamera: Filip Zumbrunn
Ton: Markus Löbel, Kai Lüde, Markus Löbel
Schnitt: Barbara Landi
Produktion: T&C Film

Miklos Gimes 2010 90'

The startling truth behind a press scandal: Bernese journalist Tom Kummer put an end to his thriving career when he professed to having invented interviews with stars such as Sharon Stone, Sean Penn, and Bruce Willis. More than fifty such false interviews had been published by serious publications in Germany and Switzerland – without anyone ever doubting their authenticity. Today, Tom Kummer works as a tennis coach in Los Angeles. This movie explores the wasting of great talent and the question as to what truth really is.