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Bach rencontre Buxtehude

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CH 2010 62'

Regie: Daniel Künzi
Drehbuch: Daniel Künzi
Schnitt: Ingrida Ignatjevaite
Musik: Francesco Tristano Schlimé
Produktion: Société Productions Maison
Mit: Marthe Keller



ISAN: 0000-0002-6AB0-0000-Q-0000-0000-X

Daniel Künzi 2010 62'

At the age of 20, in 1705, Jean Sébastien Bach travelledto study with Dietrich Buxtehude, the greatest German musicianof the day, to complete his training.

He left Arnstadt to travel to Lübeck, a journey of more than400km, which he made on foot. He had only asked for a leave ofone month from his church.

He would be absent four months. Upon his return, the parishionersno longer recognised him. He was reproached for playingtoo long, and above all for disturbing the audience with strangemodulations. Dietrich Buxtehude's influence on Jean SébastienBach, the greatest musician of all time, had been decisive.