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Au Café Romand

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ISAN: 0000-0001-F956-0000-O-0000-0000-2

Festival del Film Locarno 2008 - Prix Action Light, Prix Cinema e Gioventù

Au Café Romand

CH 2008 8'

Regie: Richard Szotyori
Drehbuch: Matthias Urban
Kamera: Hans Meier
Ton: Jürg Lempen
Kostüme: Sonia Geneux
Schnitt: Jean Reusser
Musik: Béla Paudits
Produktion: Louise Productions Sàrl, Elisabeth Garbar, Heinz Dill
Mit: Matthias Urban, Jane Friedrich, Jean-Pierre Gos Gos, Isabelle Tosic, Vincent Kucholl

Richard Szotyori 2008 8'

Thirty-year-old Grégoire has arranged to meet his fiancée Anne and his future in-laws in a restaurant and arrives much later than the appointed time. The atmosphere is tense by the time the food is served. Grégoire feels uncomfortable and escapes to the restroom, where he happens to find a pistol with a silencer in the wastebasket. The ensuing drama could not be any more implausible or absurd.