Attention aux chiens

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Production Light

Kritik in CINEMA

ISAN: 0000-0000-200A-0000-S-0000-0000-R

Prix du cinéma suisse 2000 pour Delphine Lanza, meilleure interprète féminine

Attention aux chiens (Warnung vor den Hunden)

CH 1999 86'

Regie: Christophe Marzal
Drehbuch: Christophe Marzal
Kamera: Sévérine Barde
Ton: Laurent Barbey
Schnitt: Jeanetta Ionesco, Xavier Ruiz
Musik: Pascal Comelade
Produktion: Light Night Production SA, Light Night Production SA
Mit: Jacques Roman, Delphine Lanza, Christian Gregori, Ania Temler, Sacha Bourdo, Jacques Michel

Christophe Marzal 1999 86'

Alex, a private detective who is also a drug addict, is forced by the police to join in the hunt for a gangster on the run. The gangster, Franck, seduces a young student, Lorette. He decides to hide out at her place, and recruits her for his next criminal undertakings.

Alex, whose working methods are entirely irrational, decides to take advantage of Dario, a young man down on his luck, in his efforts to locate Franck. The paths of all these characters cross that of Ava, a young mythomaniac woman who is in the habit of making video recordings of all her exploits.