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CH 2012 90'

Réalisation: Bruno Moll
Scénario: Bruno Moll
Image: Bruno Moll, Peter Ramseier
Son: Bernhard Göttler, Johannes Wulf, Manfred Zazzi
Montage: Manfred Zazzi
Musique: Ben Jeger
Production: PS Film GmbH, Peter Spoerri


Bruno Moll CH 2012 90'

The centuries-old custom of Alpine litanies lives on still today in the Catholic part of the Swiss Alps. Every evening before nightfall an archaic litany is invoked high up on the Alp, bidding God and the saints to protect it from harm of any sort. The film portrays four herdsmen and one herdswoman who practise this litany. It provides insight into the protagonists' everyday lives, while focussing on their religious-spiritual perception and relationship to the Alp as their home.