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All Out

All Out
(De plein fouet)

CH 1990 111'

Réalisation: Thomas Koerfer
Scénario: Thomas Koerfer, Joachim Hammann, Bernard Stora
Image: Lukas Strebel
Musique: Jean-Paul Petit
Avec: Dexter Fletcher, Fabienne Babe, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Peter Fritz

Thomas Koerfer CH 1990 111'

At the beginning, there's a bank robbery - the plan seems to be perfect: Angelo and Ciccio empty the bank while Paul waits for his accomplices in the car. But their plan gets out of control, because of two armed men who stand in their way. Paul gets away on time, Ciccio is deadly wounded, and Angelo escapes with the money and Julia, the daughter of the owner of the bank, as his hostage to Italy. A fatal love affair begins...