Al Quds - The Workshop

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ISAN: 0000-0003-8C50-0000-S-0000-0000-R

Al Quds - The Workshop
CH 2015 102'

Regie: Raff Fluri
Drehbuch: Raff Fluri
Kamera: Nader Elewy, Raff Fluri, Ashraf Dowani, Sayel Jarrar, Rima Issa
Ton: Raff Fluri
Schnitt: Raff Fluri
Produktion: Raff Fluri

Raff Fluri 2015 102'

In the 1980s practically all cinemas were closed in Palestine. It took nearly 30 years before several reopened. In 2012 the cinema operator Raff Fluri was able to give a course on 35mm projection technology in East Jerusalem. Knowing he had to impart as much knowledge as possible within a short time, he took a camera with him so that the participants could record the training course. But this project involved much more than simply transferring the knowledge: some of the participants were in the Holy City for the first time, resulting in a lot of filming during their scouting expeditions as well.