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Brazil 2008 88'

Réalisation: Marilia Rocha
Scénario: Clarissa Campolina, Marilia Rocha
Image: Clarissa Campolina, Marilia Rocha
Son: Pedro Aspahan, O Grivo
Montage: Clarissa Campolina
Production: Diana Gebrim, Glaura Cardoso Vale

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Marilia Rocha Brazil 2008 88'

After thirty years living in Angola, the Portuguese ethnologist Acácio Vieira, along with his wife Conceição,moves to Brazil bringing with him an extensive archive of the life of people of Angola and Portuguese colonizers. Weaving memories, images and personal stories, the film embarks on an affectionate journey of the couple's past, while reconstructing a link of the three countries in which they lived.