A l'ouest du Pecos

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English Transscript of the film A L'OUEST DU PECOS

ISAN: 0000-0001-B064-0000-H-0000-0000-N

A l'ouest du Pecos
CH 1993 76'

Regie: Stéphane Goël
Drehbuch: Antoine Jaccoud, Stéphane Goël
Kamera: Camille Cottagnoud
Ton: Gilles Abravanel
Schnitt: Yves Kropf, Stéphane Goël
Musik: Jean-Philippe Zwahlen, Michel Dupuis
Produktion: Climage

Stéphane Goël 1993 76'

In 1891 a large number of Swiss emigrated to the Pecos Valley, a desert region in New Mexico. Intensive proaganda by a group of businessmen from Geneva had convinced them they could make their fortune there. More than 200 Swiss settlers - farmers, winegrowers and adventurers from good families - set out to seek the dazzling wealth they had been promised.

A L'OUEST DE PECOS (WEST OF THE PECOS) is a study of the social conditions that caused people to leave everything behind and of the business interests that steered their way.

"A L'OUEST DE PECOS (WEST OF THE PECOS) is a major work, solid in its historical references, poignant in its subject matter, breathing the wide open space with compassion. It is technically superb and reveals this young filmmaker as one of our best."
Bertil Galland, Le Nouveau Quotidien