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Jour de nuit (Dieter Fahrer, Bernhard Nick)

JOUR DE NUIT is the multiple story of forms of light as perceived by people who see light and who work with it. The painter who sets up his easel in a grandiose landscape in the Bernese Oberland (in Switzerland), the passengers on a boat gliding in semi-darkness along the Canal Saint Martin (in Paris), are searching for rays of light to give volume to the colours and consistency to the materials.


The experimental May: 5 films by Simone Fürbringer - Nicolas Humbert - Werner Penzel

An American critic wrote: 'Fred Frith's music makes your jaw drop, your feet dance, and your neighbours move.'
Also starring: several telephones, puddles, scarecrows, saxophones, orchestrated cities and motors.

Cycle Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf

Filmzyklus Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf

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